In response to the ghastly actions of the evening of January 4, 2017.

Well, it finally happened last night. Our first unsanctioned murder, by predator. While we have expected this for a long time, we have been lucky over the last two years.
For our response, it has been decided that we will take a que from our government, and respond accordingly.
It has hereby been duly declared that on the Fifth day of January, 2017, that the Muddy Duck Ranch, is from this point forward, a safe space for the livestock and pets that reside herein.  To enforce this decree, it is here by announced that all, non-human, animals that are known to hold the position of predator in nature, shall within 72 hours, turn in all forms of “assault weapons”, to include, but not limited to: claws, talons, beaks, teeth, etc.  At the end of the amnesty period of 72 hours, all non-human “predator” animals found upon this property shall be found to be in violation of this declaration.  The fines/penalties for this offense are as follows:  First offense:  up to $100 fine/ 30 days confinement.  In addition, all offenders shall be placed upon a list of known offenders and will be considered inadmissible for any future entries upon the Muddy Duck Ranch.  Second offense: $200 fine/90 days confinement-hard labor/Mandatory reporting of change of address and travel plans for distances greater than 100 yards from den/nest/shelter/domicile prior to beginning of travel.  If at anytime found to be in violation of this  ordinance, by competent authority, maybe executed.
So it has been accepted and entered into the record on January 5,2017.
It is expected that all predators will immediately comply with this order.

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